Monday, March 5, 2012

Hong Kong

Before i actually get to Hong Kong, there has been a mix-up with my flight/  They claim they never got a confirmation number, even though i have the paperwork in my hand.  What the heck, am i supposed to do.  After going at this for about an hour, i have handed over my credit card and have paid way too much for a ticket that should have been a quarter of that amount.  I have since checked my account and the first airfare was never charged but, the question remains "how did i get a confirmation number?"..

I got to Hong Kong and checked into my last Hostel, which is no more than a bed and two feet on one side of the bed.  Definetely a place to sleep and not much else.  The cool thing is, i can blog freely and post pics, you have to love the British for that. For, i have noticed that when i post it takes about two days before you receive it back in the states.  I have not read through them so, not sure if things have been altered but, whenever i tried to post pics, they just wouldnt go through.

When I arrive in an unfamiliar city at night.  I personally like to stay close to the hostel so, that i can get myself acclaimated to the area.  Lo and Behold right next door to me is a pub, which serves food and of course drink.  I managed to get a spot at the table facing the street.  I'm very pleased thinking that i have scored, i can eat, drink and people watch.  Nothing seems better after the terrivble time i had at the airport.  The table to my left is speaking chinese and to my right English.  After awhile the English man engages me in conversation.  At which point about 5 others join in too.  I find out that one of the men owns a boat (54 Foot Sailboat) and is waiting for his sails to be repaired.  We talk at length about sailing ( my Father built sailboats) and he has now offered me a chance to set foot on his boat.  I'm very hesitant because, well just becuase, i dont know him and have no clue if he's telling me the truth nor do i know his character, nor so i know where the heck i am.  In the end i go, and  i didn't realize how close i was to the marina, which was about two blocks away and we get into his Dinghy and he motors us to the boat.  The Boat is INCREDIBLE and the skyline AMAZING!!!! We sit and chat until the wee hours of the morning and he was a perfect gentlemen. Thank you LORD!!  My only regret is that i did not have a camera so, no pics.  But, a beautiful end to an otherwise bad day!!!

Hong Kong,  I'm Loving it!!!  They Speak English, Not everyone is staring at me, I blend in once again.  YEAH!!!!!   There is Sun, Sand, Ocean, Mountains and it's gorgeous.  I have ate out on the street near the South China Sea and I got Sun burned.  I was only there tops for about 45 Minutes but, i could not get enough of the sun.  I then headed to Stanley street Market where i was told the best souvenior shops were.  I finally picked some up and now hoping everyone will be pleased. 

Enjoying a beer and catching some rays!!!

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