Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leaving Leshaun

Leshaun stands for Happy Mountain. It is such a beautiful part of China and the last day there the sun is shining and you can somewhat see the mountains, still a bit hazy but, their are shadows today. Took a boat ride this morning and enjoyed being on the rivers. There are three that run through town, with the sun it is warmed up to about 50 degrees and it is nice to sit without my jacket on.

That is one of the things I miss, never taking off my jacket.

The rest of the day I have spent going through the markets...meat, vegetable, souvenir, still have not found what I want but, will have to bring something home so, I'm getting a few small items and some I'm sue will be disappointed.

I have eated " hot pot" several times now and enjoy it very much, things are very, very , very spicy in eastern China. It doesn't matter what you eat, there is flavor to it. We went out last night for " shau cow" which is much like hot pot but, they cook everything for you on skewers and bring it to your table. They do not set this up until about nine at night and once again the place is hopping. You bring your own drink and there is lots of conversation and good times. Picking out the skewers is always fun, sometimes you know what it is and most often you guess after you have tasted it.

Tonight, we are playing cards and packing. It's hard to say good-bye.

Tomorrow, we have rented a car to take us to Chengdu and from there fly to Hong Kong.

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