Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Home

Things I have learned while in China

Knee-How... are the words for Hello,How are you?
Pea-Joe .... Beer after all you cant drink the water and the alcohol content is below 2% so, you cant get a "buzz on" either.
Gambay....Clink your glasses and finish off what you have in your glass
Shay-shay...Thank You

Ok, so, i did not learn too many words but, enough to be some what polite.

There are the three T's that the Chinese never mention nor, will they talk about if you find some one who speaks your lingo. Ti-an-amen Square, Tibet, Thailand.

There are also the three F words. These you will notice as far as courtesy goes. It is the first time I have travelled to a non-Christian place, you can really tell a difference.
There is no helping one another. If you fall in the streets here there would be people surrounding you asking if you needed help. If you fall there and no one knows who you are, you may lie there a very long time. The three F words are Family, Friends, and F#$% you. They really don't care about you unless they know you. This is why if, you move to one of their towns the other foreigners get to know you and they stick together.

Just because a place is dirty, does not mean they don't have good food. Of course, I'm still waiting to see about parasites.... Just kidding!!! Though there is some truth to that.

It is also better to not ask what a dish was until a day later. You might not like the sound of what you ate but, it might have been very good. You do not touch your food, there is no finger food in China. There is no three second rule, if it drops to the table, leave it there. If it falls to the ground, it was never yours to eat. I'm sure this has to do with the fact that there is no toilet paper and no soap. You Never put your fingers to your mouth even when chewing on a bone. Spit it out and preferably on the floor. Some places do hace rolls of napkins on the table.

Contary to what Americans believe there are stray dogs and cats in the streets.

They will take your picture if you are a westerner and they might get right up into your face to do this.

They drink Hot water and hot tea through a staw.

It is very common to push your way through a door instead of lining up to go through a door. Such as waiting for a bus, instead of lining up to get on, you would push your way on, same with the subway, or train station. at the airport you have metal bars that make you form lines.

Mainland China and Hong Kong are two different countries, even though they are both considered China. You do not need a Visa to go to Hong Kong But, you need one for Mainland China. The Chinese need a Visa to go to Hong Kong. The Mainland Chinese want very much to claim Hong Kong as theirs and The Hong Kong Chinese want nothing to do with the Mainland. Hong Kong has many rules such as no spitting, they form lines, health rules for restaurants, it is very much a european town.

I'm sure i will think of some more but, for now i'm jet lagged. Maybe try to get a bit more sleep before work.

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