Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little more observing and you notice the ladies all have sleeves for their coats, they are plastic protective covering and have cute little things on them such as "Hello Kitty", flowers, monkeys.  the reason for this is they never take their coats off, they keep everything at the same exact temperature, inside or outside.  They think that you pick up less diseases by keeping everything the same temp.  Needless to say my feet have not been warm for days.

Another observations is that the men carry the ladies purses, i'm not sure why but, we have all come up with a few theories.  I say it means they are going out together or attached in some way.  Here are a few more theories, they can get the guy to do it, they are too weak to carry their own.  This really baffles me and why would you want your man to carry your purse?

Just got back from the Panda Reserve, the Pandas are AMAZING!!!!  They are incredibly cute.  The park is very clean and i almost flet like i was breathing fresh air.  AAAAaaaaahhhh!!!  The bamboo trees are also very note worthy.  The pandas were active and i got some great pics.  Hopefully, i will try and post again tonight. I havent been very fortunate to do this whenever i get a picture up the connection goes down.

I was missing the sun, haven't seen it since Beijing.  Today i caught a glimpse of it for about five minutes or so.   Quite Nice. We have treated ourselves to a real hotel tonight, complete with Heat and a real shower.  I might actually sleep with warm feet tonight.  YEAH!!!!! I might even get caught up with some western news. 

The panda reserve is in Chang-du.  it's approximately 2 hour bus ride west from Chongqing.

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