Monday, February 20, 2012

Xian.... day three and four

Xian, the city where the terra cotta soldiers live.   
We spent the first day exploring the city, they have a musical fountain and I thought the only one was in Grand Haven, Michigan.  We then went to the small goose pagoda.  Which is situated in a small park and quite lovely.  I must mention that I'm still sore from the great wall.  14 Km up and down stairs truly kicked my butt and it seems that whenever we go that is all we do, climb stairs.
We have truly kept moving since we got here.  Though somewhere between nine and eleven pm we come back to the hostel and order beer.  The Chinese are not noted for their wine or beer but, they do have some nice imports (Guinness and Carlsberg) . I'm enjoying the cultural difference here versus Beijing.  Beijing was very westernized and this has more of a china feeling, including the architecture.  John assures me that his town is even more so.  We explored the Muslim quarter and enjoyed some excellent Indian food.  They have a merchants quarter and haggling is the nature of the game everywhere in China.  I have been not good at this and so, have not purchased much.  They start off at 100 and I now say 20 and hope to get it for 30.  Walking away is the answer, they then drop the price immediately.  It is an art form to master.  speaking of mastering, i do believe I have mastered the chopstick, because after all the walking, we eat well.  Tonight we ate at the dumpling house. Dumplings are a staple here and quite good. They can be filled with beef, pork, seafood and a mixture of all of these.  Hoping to send some pics tonight.
Having a great time tomorrow we fly to Chongquing,  Johns home.


  1. Did you get your picture with the terra cotta soldiers?

  2. Love these travelogues! It sounds like you are getting your fair share of exercise and stairs are really good for that butt. Be happy about it and know you can have one or two extra dumplings because of it. Miss you much.