Monday, February 13, 2012

One Day to go

I'm still trying to get the feel for this blogging page but, I do believe I'm gaining some insight into how this all works. Thought I would do a bit of sewing tonight since I won't be near my machine for three weeks (withdrawal, maybe I should see about some group therapy) but, there is so much other stuff to get together. I've been pondering toiletry items. I'm sure they have toothbrushes (probably made in China) and paste there. Though I will bring my own anyway, just not a huge tube. Shampoo, conditioner, hair ties since I'm staying in hostels, these items might not be there, and who knows do they have them in hotels. I'm guessing that they wash their hair just like me so, i should pack lightly. I will need room to bring home all of the things I find that are "Made in China". I was warned to bring my own facial scrub because all of the stuff they sell has a whitening agent in it. That would not be good for my pale face. Next, I'm starting to get paranoid about how I'm going to communicate but, I guess pointing my finger will work then I can be classified as one of those typical Americans, the ones who only know one language, their own. How does one end a post? Farewell, always stitching, Love, Kimberly

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