Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today we headed out to find the "Harry Potter" store both of my girls are huge (did i say HUGE) fans so, i thought it would be fun to pick something out from there to bring home.  Chongqing has five different downtown districts.  Did I tell You 32 Million People. We have explored four out of five and lo and behold they have closed them all down. Sorry Girls.  They do have a great Rail Metro Station, which is only two years old and nice and clean.  though this task has taken us all morning and into the afternoon we will not be going to the hot springs but, will get ready to meet John's friends for "KTV"

First John wants to take us out to dinner in one of the high rises with a magnificent view of the city. The dinner was wonderful and the view stunning.  The chinese light up everything.  All of the buildings have lights and not just the tops, and not just one color, we ate talking flashing, red, blue, green, yellow white lights everywhere.  In the trees too.  Some are synchronized, some stay the same but, there are lights everywhere.

we then head to "KTV" to meet up with Johns friends.  We start off with about seven of his frineds and end up with about 12 -15 young men who all teach English, and who are from all over the world.  Though the majority are either from Britain or the the states.  They are all very nice and come out strong when there is a relative in town.  There are so few foreigners in town that they stick together which is quite nice.  Back to "KTV" which is Karaoke television.  John is an excellent singer but, i do not carry tunes too well.  You actually rent a private room for your party and order drinks and snacks. You get two Mics and pick your own music.  It was a lot of fun and this took us into the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. Kim, this is such fun. Thank you for making the time to catch us all up to date. You are having quite the adventure! Can't imagine most of what you are describing, as I bet you couldn't when you left. No doubt a life altering experience. Can't wait to see pics and hear more! I'm thinking about all the men and children peeing and pooping in the street... and then what? :) Sorry about the Harry Potter store(s) but the shopping does sound like fun -- as does the KTV! I want to see you and John & friends on a video. Beer probably was a good idea beforehand. Love you and so glad you are having fun!! Write again. I love "seeing" China with you.